May 27, 2010

Spoon #6

Almost done... almost, and for this time I drew the spoon without looking at it, trying to remember how it looks like, not even cheating by going pages behind and have a quick look.

Another thing was that I didn't use pencil before the ink, which is a big challenge for me since I always work in the same way.

I'm so happy that tomorrow (well, today since is 12 am) is the last time I'm going to be drawing the damn spoon.

Let me say this: It gets boring at some point....

Aren't you bored yet ?


  1. No aprendo me aburro!!!!!! ¿Porque no me habia contado de este nuevo blo? grrrrr...

  2. Pues porque nunca jamás te veo conectado, grrrrrrrrrrrr

    Ya me "avandonastes" :P


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