Jun 17, 2010

Entry #39

This entry was kind of funny for me because I had to write about my relationship with the washing machine, which I don't have.

I just can't understand how this one works. I'm very skillful when it comes to know how things works, even without reading the guides, but this one, this one, is my Nemesis.

Maybe then you could think I don't wash my clothes and go around like a smelly hippie, but no, my mum does it for me. Yes, yes, I know I'm quite old for that, you don't need to say it.

Perhaps one day I'll finally learn how it works... or buy another one ;D

Jun 14, 2010

Entries #64 and #40

My two new entries.

I wish I could have more time and head for doing all this entries, but seems that school and my own crazy head is playing tricks on my timeline u.u

Even if I worked before with "drawing the things in my bag" here I encountered again with the same subject. Some things are new and some not quite, as my Jimmy little bag for coins. Jimmy

Also I have my new Zapata's wallet, and for making it more "my own" I drew the red circles on his cheeks :D Perhaps some would not feel too amused by this, since he's one of the most important historic figures here in México, but I don't care :P

Here altering the page, which was harder than I thought in a way that I really didn't know what I wanted to do, what would had been better. At the end I think it looks funny, some kind of strange face :)

And now a song :)