Sep 18, 2011


Hello all !

I decided to trade this 5 beautiful 16'' signed prints

For a pair of this Nike 6.0 Women's Dunk High size 7(us)

Or second choice

Tah-dah ! So easy !

If you're interested or know somebody who would, send me a message to

I hope you're going to have a nice week.

Sep 2, 2011

Aug 28, 2011


Mi friend Benjamin Barrios came to spend the weekend, so I took him to Pátzcuaro.

It was a really nice experience, specially because two kids at the island of Janitzio said that we were hippies ! :D

Here in Janitzio and the cemetery where every year people celebrates Night of The Dead.

The island of Janitzio

In Pázcuaro.

A dancer with the traditional outfit resting.

The old lady with her cats.


An evil head.

Aug 21, 2011


I've been working on this two drawings for the last past week, and I'm feeling very happy with them, though the first one needs loads of work. Maybe it'll take me more tome to complete.

Here a few shots of details:

And the second drawing, for Viernes de Ilustración page.

Aug 15, 2011

I can't take my mind off of you.

On the weekend I read "The Host".

You'd say "Stephanie Meyer ? WTF?". Well, I couldn't care less.

I noticed the book around for quite some time now but never really feel like reading it. I'm not much a alien lover, the whole theme fot me is boring, even when I watch The X Files I get utterly bored by the whole thing (and it's supposed to be the main plot, the reason why the X files exists). I don't know if I could place Star Wars on the same level, because those I really like, so I won't talk about it.

No, I'm here to talk about The Host. Yes.

On Friday I decided to read it, why ? I wonder the same, but it was something calling me, saying "read me, please". I'm weak when this calling appears, so I didn't resist much.

At first the book didn't seem so bad, considering all the things people say about the Twilight series, which I also read a few years back. Maybe this was the main reason why to read this other book. I find Mrs. Meyer's writing very light yet somehow captivating, junk literature, my mum would say (Oh, yes, I think she'd like me reading quality literature, but let's face it, I also like this other one). As I was reading I found myself with a, let's say, not so teenage thing there, well, a bit, but more interesting and differently written, and then, this character:



It's been a long time since a character caught me unprepared, in a way that, at first, gradually, I started to like her. She's so well constructed, with some flaws, yes, still very complete. By the time I was on the half part of the book I totally fell for her: it was love.

I don't like that Mrs. Meyer doesn't make much descriptions of characters, just a few hints of how they look like; this time it didn't matter at all, the whole idea of how Melanie's body would look like with Wanderer inside flown in my mind like silvering water. The idea of her was stronger than Melanie itself, which, I must admit, she wasn't one of my favourites. For some reason I didn't like her much, maybe because she reminded me of Bella's character, impulsive and whining all the time.

The idea of the book was really good. The idea of aliens coming to our planet to change it to another without violence, nor the need for it, but what captivated me the most was that the idea wasn't planned as absolut: not everything was ok, not everyone were bad or good, as many times in many things others likes us to think, to believe. In the story the characters changes their minds, their hate and love, aversions and likes. The idea of a person that is absolutely and utterly "bad" or "good" can change for the eyes of the beholder. Well done, Mrs Meyer ! You gain my sympathy because of this tiny/huge motiv.

Why am I writing all this ? Thing is, when the book ended, or maybe after it did, I didn't want anything bad happening to Wanda, that her last plan didn't work and she was saved from her own demise. I'm not going to say how it ends, and thought I felt it a bit weak, I liked it, demonstrating me how human and selfish I am.

I fell in love with the character, so deeply, that is almost like if I close my eyes and try really hard I can almost feel her, like somebody that just left the room but was here, with me, so close.


Jul 9, 2011

My Favourite Letter Is U

I decided to make a little recording of myself playing the ukelele and singing, making faces and having a very good - stressing- time.

Hope you'll enjoy and your ears and eyes won't explode !

This is one of my favourite songs by Uni and Her Ukulele. She rocks ^^

Mar 24, 2011

I'm only sleeping

A sneak peak of a journal entry, part of my thesis.

Una mirada a el avance en mi tesis.

Inspired by this amazing piece by Siddartha.Babbii

Mar 13, 2011

Some Girl

Some Girl, originally uploaded by Lady Orlando.

Lately I don't have much time to make "serious" works, so a bit of doodles comes handy :)

Al estar trabajando en la tesis y en unas cosillas más, no me queda tiempo para dedicarle a dibujos más elaborados, así que hago cosillas :)

Mar 10, 2011

naM yeknoM

naM yeknoM, originally uploaded by Lady Orlando.

A part of my thesis. Just one corner of a big sheet of paper :S

Sólo una pequeña parte de una entrada de la tesis.

Feb 26, 2011

T-shirt and song

Some months ago I bought this T-shirt and wasn't really happy about it, still was very cheap. Well, now I decided to draw a nice character on it so I could feel nice to wear it, and not just so lame T.

While I was drawing it I was watching "Scott Pilgrim" movie.

Michael Cera... really ? Gosh :/


Después de comprar la camiseta, durante un tiempo estuvo dándome vueltas en la cabeza hacerle algo, lo que sea, al final este pequeño gato salió al quite.

Mientras dibujaba veía la peli de "Scott Pilgrim".


What the cat's saying it's a reference of a Julee Cruise song. Love it ^^

Lo que dice el gato es referencia a una canción de Julee Cruise "Rocking back inside my heart".

Feb 24, 2011


Lately I've been working on my thesis. Still I don't have much entries on it, just 3 pages, 3 !!!

My theme is "artist journal", so I'm basically working on the same things all over again. Some will be new images, such as the following, and some will be remakes of other journal entries.

I'll be uploading the process and maybe final works of it.

Exciting !


Desde hace ya unas semanas que he estado trabajando en mi tesis, y aunque al principio parecía que jamás iba a lograr arrancar, simplemente pasó, como arte de magia (y mucha determinación).

Mi tema es el "diario de artista", tema que ya he trabajado y la verdad me gusta mucho las posibilidades que me da. Muchas de las "entradas" dentro del diario van a ser obras hechas expresamente para esto y muchas otras serán basadas en las que hice en mis otros journals.

Bueno, la verdad parece como si estuviera escribiendo algo para burócratas, así que paro el rollo y mejor vean lo que llevo.

Un zorro, sin terminar aún.

A fox that need to be finished.

Casitas basadas en las muy guapas que hace Gustavo Aimar.

Little houses, based on Gustavo Aimar's greatest little houses.

This two fellows are not originals, I mean, they're based on the great Oliver Jeffers's drawings. I love his books.

Los venadillos los he tomado de Oliver Jeffers, porque son simpaticones, y bueno, ellos querían salir aquí, condenadillos ;)

A plane !!!

Un Avión !!!

Birdmen, I guess.

Hombrespájaro, creo.

Completo !

Feb 18, 2011


Two days ago I downloaded a new app for my iPhone, which is a video camera named "8mm".

I must say I'm in love with it, and on a wider view I'm in love with cinema, so here is my day. I hope you'll enjoy it :)

Feb 16, 2011

Take my blood away

Next week I have an appointment with the doctor and I went to run some tests. Is stupid but I'm very scared of needles. I say stupid because I'm not afraid of those that are used to make tattoos.

Silly or what ?

Feb 15, 2011

Drawing & painting

I've been working on my thesis, and seems like I have so much to do, a long, long way until is done. This gives me a feeling that maybe I can't finish it in a short time.

It's the first page, just the first.


Quisiera poder encontrar rutas más rápidas para poder trabajar la tesis, que a su vez me permitan hacer buenos trabajos y no a un "ahí se va". Pero es sólo una tesis. ¿Es sólo una tesis? ¿Qué tanto es perder hasta cierto punto el tiempo en algo que me dará un papel y ya? Podría evitarme todo y presentar una sistematización de la obra que ya tengo. Fin.


Feb 9, 2011


Lovecats, originally uploaded by Lady Orlando.

It took me a few days to complete.

First I thought about making a whole different thing but wasn't really working, so I decided to draw this two cats. They seem to love each other, isn't ? ;)

Feb 6, 2011

Ejercicios con la mano izquierda

At the end I was very happy with how the drawing looked.

I think I wouldn't change a thing.

Jan 12, 2011

Jan 11, 2011

In five minutes...

After one long night and part of the day I've managed to make this for the Art House Coop "The Sketch Book Projetc Tour: 2011"

I must admit is wonderful that I don't have to fill the whole cahier, specially since I got it by mail yesterday !!! :S (it's a long story, hehehe).

I show them here in no particular order.

(p.s. Oh, yes, my theme is "in five minutes...")