Aug 15, 2011

I can't take my mind off of you.

On the weekend I read "The Host".

You'd say "Stephanie Meyer ? WTF?". Well, I couldn't care less.

I noticed the book around for quite some time now but never really feel like reading it. I'm not much a alien lover, the whole theme fot me is boring, even when I watch The X Files I get utterly bored by the whole thing (and it's supposed to be the main plot, the reason why the X files exists). I don't know if I could place Star Wars on the same level, because those I really like, so I won't talk about it.

No, I'm here to talk about The Host. Yes.

On Friday I decided to read it, why ? I wonder the same, but it was something calling me, saying "read me, please". I'm weak when this calling appears, so I didn't resist much.

At first the book didn't seem so bad, considering all the things people say about the Twilight series, which I also read a few years back. Maybe this was the main reason why to read this other book. I find Mrs. Meyer's writing very light yet somehow captivating, junk literature, my mum would say (Oh, yes, I think she'd like me reading quality literature, but let's face it, I also like this other one). As I was reading I found myself with a, let's say, not so teenage thing there, well, a bit, but more interesting and differently written, and then, this character:



It's been a long time since a character caught me unprepared, in a way that, at first, gradually, I started to like her. She's so well constructed, with some flaws, yes, still very complete. By the time I was on the half part of the book I totally fell for her: it was love.

I don't like that Mrs. Meyer doesn't make much descriptions of characters, just a few hints of how they look like; this time it didn't matter at all, the whole idea of how Melanie's body would look like with Wanderer inside flown in my mind like silvering water. The idea of her was stronger than Melanie itself, which, I must admit, she wasn't one of my favourites. For some reason I didn't like her much, maybe because she reminded me of Bella's character, impulsive and whining all the time.

The idea of the book was really good. The idea of aliens coming to our planet to change it to another without violence, nor the need for it, but what captivated me the most was that the idea wasn't planned as absolut: not everything was ok, not everyone were bad or good, as many times in many things others likes us to think, to believe. In the story the characters changes their minds, their hate and love, aversions and likes. The idea of a person that is absolutely and utterly "bad" or "good" can change for the eyes of the beholder. Well done, Mrs Meyer ! You gain my sympathy because of this tiny/huge motiv.

Why am I writing all this ? Thing is, when the book ended, or maybe after it did, I didn't want anything bad happening to Wanda, that her last plan didn't work and she was saved from her own demise. I'm not going to say how it ends, and thought I felt it a bit weak, I liked it, demonstrating me how human and selfish I am.

I fell in love with the character, so deeply, that is almost like if I close my eyes and try really hard I can almost feel her, like somebody that just left the room but was here, with me, so close.


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