Jun 2, 2010

Entries #34 & #76

I know that this time it took me ages to upload this entries but here they are finally !

Ta-da !

#34 was pretty simple, just making some circles and colouring them, the perfect excuse to use my gel pens :D

#76 Draw the sun

I know, sun is not supposed to have a face. How could would be to have a sun with a face... well, now I remembered the "Teletubies" one, that's scary !

Here comes the Sun King

Why I've been su bussy ? Thing is, I was editing a video for my videoart class, not that the teachers asked for it, but only because I wanted to do it. I wanted to do something like some of the examples we saw. Some of the artist that caught my attention is Pipilotti Rist, Douglas Gordon and Bill Viola - and another guy I can't remember his name right now (shame on me) -.

My exercice consisted on this:

There was this classmate skating outside the school before class and I just grabbed my phone and recorded him. The original video is 0:15 seg. I have one that is longer, about 3:00 something, still I wanted to play with time here.

The soundtrack was very clear as soon as I saw what I recorded. First I edited the video with "vintage maker" app and while watching it Colleen came into my mind, "so perfect" I thought.

Editing it wasn't as easy as I wanted to.

First I tried to use Adove Premier, but couldn't find the effects I wanted... before I continue I must said it was the first time I tried to use it, no wonder why never found what I was looking for. After an hour of being here and there and a borderline massive headache it was time to stop being so stubborn and go to my mum's PC (oh ! I have a MacBook) and use the old well known "movie maker", so, voilà ! Editing was much more simplier, though still I didn't find the effect I wanted, you know, the one that makes the image goes backwards :/ (But one day, one day, and that day will be the day, yes oh yes !).


I feel comfortable with the final product and I want more ! :D

May 31, 2010

# 13

This entry is about making a map of my hand.

I've always liked maps, well, the old ones are very nice, like those from the sea with monsters. I wanted to make a simple one and invent where could the towns and places could be, thinking about the names they could have.


This is one of those simple entries on the list. Consist on writing using a different medium.

As I had used several other mediums on my drawings I decides to use this time charcoal, wax crayons and watercolour pencils.

The list is about some things that are clear to me.

May 30, 2010

Spoon #7 Final

I'm happy to know I finished first challenge. Go me ! :D

I also know I'm terribly late with this entry, but weekends for me are crazy enough for being late. Classes, teaching, even attending to lectures... ufff ! but not one day of going to the movies :( They're screening "Dr. Parnassus" and I want to go ! Also to watch "Robin Hood". When ? When ?? T . T

Well, today I watched at home Takeshi Kitano's "Zatoichi", wich is one of my favorite movies and film directors, wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, with no further delay here the last spoon:

Today while dressing the piercing that I had - a microdermal - got caught by the shirt and I pulled if off. It was all too fast and painful. Now I have a hole on my face !

I'm not planning to go and have it done all over again, no, not for me. Actually I'm relieved is gone because was causing me troubles when dressing or cleaning my face :/

In other news...

My brother found a cat with her babies living in this place, outside where we were having our lectures this weekend. They were 5 kittens, all so very pretty, and the cat was most friendly. The other guys there brought her food and they were saying something about taking the cat somewhere else because soon it will be raining.

At the end I don't know what happened, if they took her away, if they're going to come back, I just don't know. The kittens are too young to be taken away from her mother.

*I want one, but that's a secret, ok ? *