Jun 2, 2010

Entries #34 & #76

I know that this time it took me ages to upload this entries but here they are finally !

Ta-da !

#34 was pretty simple, just making some circles and colouring them, the perfect excuse to use my gel pens :D

#76 Draw the sun

I know, sun is not supposed to have a face. How could would be to have a sun with a face... well, now I remembered the "Teletubies" one, that's scary !

Here comes the Sun King

Why I've been su bussy ? Thing is, I was editing a video for my videoart class, not that the teachers asked for it, but only because I wanted to do it. I wanted to do something like some of the examples we saw. Some of the artist that caught my attention is Pipilotti Rist, Douglas Gordon and Bill Viola - and another guy I can't remember his name right now (shame on me) -.

My exercice consisted on this:

There was this classmate skating outside the school before class and I just grabbed my phone and recorded him. The original video is 0:15 seg. I have one that is longer, about 3:00 something, still I wanted to play with time here.

The soundtrack was very clear as soon as I saw what I recorded. First I edited the video with "vintage maker" app and while watching it Colleen came into my mind, "so perfect" I thought.

Editing it wasn't as easy as I wanted to.

First I tried to use Adove Premier, but couldn't find the effects I wanted... before I continue I must said it was the first time I tried to use it, no wonder why never found what I was looking for. After an hour of being here and there and a borderline massive headache it was time to stop being so stubborn and go to my mum's PC (oh ! I have a MacBook) and use the old well known "movie maker", so, voilà ! Editing was much more simplier, though still I didn't find the effect I wanted, you know, the one that makes the image goes backwards :/ (But one day, one day, and that day will be the day, yes oh yes !).


I feel comfortable with the final product and I want more ! :D

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