Dec 27, 2010

New drawing

It's supposed I have to be working on my thesis (for real this time), still I'm making this drawing.

Is a guy that went to visit his friend. I was thinking about Kuma Kuma, which is a lovely book :]

Dec 10, 2010

Commission & bag

The past week I was working on 6 illustrations for some stories that are going to be published.

Here they are

It was lots of work and sleeping until late at night but all good. With some of the money I earned I bought this wonderful new bag.

I really liked the whole Abercrombie & Fitch about it, still is pale ! How long would it last clean ? Two days, tops. Maybe I'll change the colour in the future or leave it all grose and dirty.

Oct 16, 2010

Questions and answers and blah, blah, blah's

Today Daria Hlazatova wrote to me letting me know that she tagged me.

This are my answers and don't forget to visit her blog. Her works are so beautiful ^^

1. If you could sing like anyone in the music world, whose voice would you choose?

Janis Joplin !

She had an amazing voice full of feelings.


Perhaps for some Róisín Murphy doesn't have the greatest voice ever, but I love it.

2. What fantastic creature would you like to have by your side?

I always wanted to have a big red or black dragon and lately I've develop an obsession about gigantic animals, in such case I'd like to have a fire fox. Yes, it's all about the fire.

3. Is there any book you can read again and again? What is it?

I have this book since I was in my early teens named "Lost Souls" by Poppy Z. Brite. Is a book about vampires that get drunk with chartreuse and twinkies, have sex and goes through the USA listening to David Bowie, The cure, and such, well, actually is more than that, kind of lustful and poetic, in a dark way. I've read it several times and it's the only book I don't like to lend, mostly because the editorial is now dead (from Spain) and haven't found it again in spanish. I would like to read it someday in english, though.

There are some others I've read once but I'd love to read again.

4. Is there any historic/cultural event you'd like to witness?

I'd like to go to Woodstock, but knowing myself I know I'd be pretty cranky in less than 2 hours.

I'd like to be in certain periods, but being a mexican woman wouldn't be a good idea, specially broke ! u.u

5. What did you want to be when you were a child?

I wanted to be:

Peter Pan.
Because he won't grow up and can fly !

But not the one from the movie, the one from the book. He is awesome and brave.

James Dean
I loved his bad boy attitud

John Lennon
Because I love his music.

Alex DeLarge
Because it was a movie that I saw when I was a child and Alex was beyond I could understand, still wanted to be him, so badly.

6. Your inspiration comes from...

Movies, books, songs, talks I have or overheard, dreams, stories even jokes, desires, fears, friends, enemies too.

7. Five things that improve your mood

1 Good meals
2 Thinking before talking
3 Meditation
4 Sing out loud out of tune
5 Dance

In no particular order.

That's it :)

Oct 15, 2010

Boxes and stars

Blogging and reblogging on tumblr I found this beautiful box-star shape letter.

I've never done one before today so I decided to give it a shot. I looked the photo for a while trying to understand how was made.

Then after 2 tries I managed to make one. Ta-dah !

I need to make several more to fully understand how the foldings goes in the right way so the paper won't get too damaged.

I'm also working on this drawing. I found the photo of the girl and loved the coat. It was love at first sight, I wish I could have one just like it ^^

Now that I think it is funny because the drawing is made on paper for calligraphy :)

Oct 14, 2010


So, so, so, so, as I said yesterday night I did finish the drawing.

The title is "Little Megan and her Fox", which is a hidden joke, not complicated thing to understand, I guess, but I could be wrong...

I'd like to use this moleskine just for drawings of girls with animals. The first one is the girl with the goose, this goes second, still I don't know which animal will follow. I have several owl's pictures really beautiful ones, some monkeys, and deers, of course cats too.

Anyway, I need to brush my teeth now.

Oct 13, 2010


Not really much but I've been drawing like crazy. How is that possible, then, that the two things can be true ? Maybe I feel like I haven't done much.

This is one of the drawings I've been working on, it's called "Little Megan...", well, I won't say the whole name just like that, not here, not now ;)

What I can say is that it will be soon finished, tomorrow, perhaps.

Another drawing comes from my journal. I felt like making a dog with a medieval taste.

I wanted to finish either of those today but last night I had a terrible pain on my rib again. Is a pain that never really goes away, just sometimes gets even worse, so I took a muscular relaxer and since I'm very weak for those kind of meds I slept all day.

Last night in my dream I saw how somebody killed a girl and her brain got loose becoming the killer brain xD It was so funny seeing it going around with a knife killing people.

That's what happens when I watch zombies movies mixed with painkiller xD

Oct 4, 2010

2 separated entries

This is how it truly looks.

The idea was to make two entries with something that binds it, but I wasn't as bright as I woud like to be so I decided to be true to what really is and see them as separated things u.u

Anyway, I think both came out pretty well, so: yay ! :D

I wanted to use a kick ass soundtrack for second one, only thing is that I've been listening this for the past days (yes, I'm very corny, have a big crush on Olivia Newton-John, love ELO and Xanadu)(Gosh, gosh, gosh...), so no kick ass soundtrack.

Sep 30, 2010

New journal

My first entry on my brand new journal.

Of all I've been using in the past I found that the squared ones are more comfortable; maybe is because when I was a child I used to love my math notebooks and those days when I saw my dad working on his equations.

I always wanted to study a physics of maths but, let's face it, I'm not good at it :( So I'll continue making drawings and pretending I'm a scientist :D

I like the cahier size for journal, large one is too big and I get the feeling I'd never fill it.

Sep 29, 2010

In the garden

Today in the morning before breakfast I was taking some photos.

I love to watch the plants, their textures and colours, the shapes they make, lights and shadows. Even in simple dead leaves on the ground makes the most interesting view.

Truth is the whole "taking photos in the morning" was because of this tiny bug I found. I've never seen such bug before until today and found it very beautiful. It took me several photos to catch his "good side" but it helped that first I dropped the magnify lens and he got scared (the bug, not the lens... I guess), so stayed really still.

I wish I could have a real macro lens and take those kind of photos.


Today I'm going to send a letter, that is actually not a letter but something else ;)

Sep 28, 2010

Face - almost done

I've been working on this drawing for the past days, but I'm still not sure if I should leave it this way or add some more.

As it's from my journal it should has more, I know, still would look weird if I think of it as a whole with the previous drawing on the other page. Maybe a good idea would be to keep them as separate pieces.

I'll come around soon... maybe :]

Sep 26, 2010


My sister came for the weekend with her boyfriend and mother in law, so we decided to take them to the museum. There we saw this Jan Hendrix exhibition.

Is not allowed to take photos, but I managed to do it, but I took just the pieces I liked the most.

This one was very nice, with the light and shadows playing. It is a metallic spiral and the light comes from inside (lights coming from above), projecting all those beautiful shadows on the walls and floor. I was thinking I'd love to have something similar in my room with my bed inside it ^^

The frames here had photos, pieces of wood, seeds, stones, feathers, etc. almost like a naturalist or someone telling his stories from travels and far away lands.

A closer view.

The other exhibition was about portraits from lates 1800 and earliest 1900 in México. I wish I could have better photos and more of them , but the guard was looking me in a not so friendly way :/

Sep 21, 2010


In the morning Marcel is so calm and nice. Perhaps this is not something strange, still it is.

He has a very bad temper most part of the day, always upset and reproaching everything. When he was a young cat used to be calm and friendly, but one day he got sick, something scared the hell out of him, poor guy, after that his "catonality" changed for bad.

Recently he is starting to chill down, but only in the mornings and nights, coming into my room demanding for love and careness.

Aug 22, 2010


Another drawing in process that I'm making.

This seems like those endless ones, even if it doesn't has much detailes and at times I wish I could make things faster and move on, do something else... which reminds me that I have to do my homework. I'll be drawing this week 31 frames for a rotoscopy animation.

Wish me luck ;)

Aug 16, 2010

Cats sketch

Today I made a sketch of my cats sleeping. It wasn't that simple because there were loads of noises and kept on moving and waking up, so I could only managed to draw their faces.

I'll draw them gain for sure.

Aug 14, 2010

New notebook

So, today Miguel finished making a notebook for me, after some days me bugging him :D

There the materials, but at the end we chose not to use the white paper because I thought was too fragil to use it as cover.

Because it were two pieces of brown paper for the cover he chose to use the piece of red leather, which I think makes it tool stylish.

Now to see the size of the notebook and cover. A little too big but was good and he cut what wouldn't be used.

The blue paper for holing the notebook to the cover and give it a nice look inside. The paper is the kind we make for the notebooks we sell.

Cut in two and folded.

Some glue.

And cut to make it look nice.

More glue on the other side...

And, the paper.

Now putting a piece of fabric. This is very important so it will keep the sheets in one place (those were previously sewed).

Fixing the fabric with the help of a piece of wood.

All good so far.

It's time to place the cover.

Folding it.

Making sure it will fit.

Lots of glue, or enough ;)

Folding the piece that is loose.

And with a piece of cloth pressing so it will be good and glued the parts.

Last touches: cutting the edges.

Finally, this is how it looks. I used my little monkey friend to put the chinese symbol. Is something my dad brought me from China and it's supposed to say "Yoda". Still I'm not sure if I placed it upside down or what :/

I'll be using this notebook for sketches. There are some specific projects that I really need to make some drawings before making them as final pieces. Is something I don't usually do, but I think they're worth it, so keep in tune and I'll show them some time soon ;)