Aug 14, 2010

New notebook

So, today Miguel finished making a notebook for me, after some days me bugging him :D

There the materials, but at the end we chose not to use the white paper because I thought was too fragil to use it as cover.

Because it were two pieces of brown paper for the cover he chose to use the piece of red leather, which I think makes it tool stylish.

Now to see the size of the notebook and cover. A little too big but was good and he cut what wouldn't be used.

The blue paper for holing the notebook to the cover and give it a nice look inside. The paper is the kind we make for the notebooks we sell.

Cut in two and folded.

Some glue.

And cut to make it look nice.

More glue on the other side...

And, the paper.

Now putting a piece of fabric. This is very important so it will keep the sheets in one place (those were previously sewed).

Fixing the fabric with the help of a piece of wood.

All good so far.

It's time to place the cover.

Folding it.

Making sure it will fit.

Lots of glue, or enough ;)

Folding the piece that is loose.

And with a piece of cloth pressing so it will be good and glued the parts.

Last touches: cutting the edges.

Finally, this is how it looks. I used my little monkey friend to put the chinese symbol. Is something my dad brought me from China and it's supposed to say "Yoda". Still I'm not sure if I placed it upside down or what :/

I'll be using this notebook for sketches. There are some specific projects that I really need to make some drawings before making them as final pieces. Is something I don't usually do, but I think they're worth it, so keep in tune and I'll show them some time soon ;)

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