May 27, 2010

Spoon #6

Almost done... almost, and for this time I drew the spoon without looking at it, trying to remember how it looks like, not even cheating by going pages behind and have a quick look.

Another thing was that I didn't use pencil before the ink, which is a big challenge for me since I always work in the same way.

I'm so happy that tomorrow (well, today since is 12 am) is the last time I'm going to be drawing the damn spoon.

Let me say this: It gets boring at some point....

Aren't you bored yet ?

May 26, 2010

Spoon #5

Now the 5th spoon.

I realized that I haven't drawn it by the other side so for this one I decided to do it that way. Colours was calling me somehow so, why not try to draw it realistic ?

Today's been a good day, except for the dinner time. I ate a ham sandwich and all my body is itchy :( I don't know why I keep on thinking "this time it will not make me feel bad". Damn allergy :(

Spoon #4

Ok, ok, I know I skip one day. I should had published this one yesterday and I didn't - bad Yoda, bad Yoda ! -

Yesterday I had a heat attack, yes, it was so hot here that only thing I could do was sleep ! When I woke up it was too late, around 9 pm, then I started to draw this while watching House MD last episodes of the 4th season, and you know what ? I cried sooooo much u.u. I know that Amber was "Cut Throat Bitch" but she was a good character, then why ? why she had to die ? Sniff, sniff... ok, I'll stop now ;P

For the drawing and since I didn't have much time to make it, I decided to use pencils. Remember when you were a kid and use to draw the outline of your hand ? NO ? Well, you should do it then, is lots of fun and the hand - drawing - looks fat :D I did the same with the spoon here.

In other news, this is what I ate yesterday - ok, I admit I was watching "Bones" while eating -. I wasn't sure how to cook the potatoes. Believe me or not I know how to cook lots of things but this was my first time cooking them.

The result was really nice: eggs with dill and potatoes with pepper. Yumm ! :D

May 24, 2010

Spoon #3

Three spoons and I haven't quit yet.

Today I decided to use the 3 colored pencil for making the 3rd (Oh! the cleverness in me). To make the drawing didn't take much time, about 20 mins or so. Seems that working with this kind or material makes artistic life easier and faster, still is a challenge trying to get the right colours and mix them.

Working this fast is great since is so hot in the room and I want to cry ;P

This wonderful pencil was a gift from my comrade Siddartha.Babbii, a great guy and amazing artist. Several persons have tried to steal it from me (the pencil, not Bejamin), but I manage no keep it away from them and use it when ever I please :]

Photos today are not the best because I don't have my camera right now :( so I had to take them with the phone's.

See you tomorrow, spoon :)

May 23, 2010

Spoon #2

Day two, so second drawing of the spoon.

This time I decided to use just one colour to draw it, and I must say not top quality; this little yet big, and believe me when I say this, element, made me so difficult to achieve what I wanted on the matter of contrasts.

Well, let's be honest: it doesn't looks that bad ;)

While I was drawing it I was "watching" the movie Nowhere Boy. It didn't disappointed me, thought I didn't know about it until today, hehehe. A long time ago I read a book about Lennon's younger years while he was still living in Liverpool and the movie is very much alike it. I have to come back to UK and go there one day :) (Yeah, beatles sucker).


I leave here the latest Beatles song I've been listening everyday for the past two weeks (Two weeks ??! Yes ;P )

100 Idea Book project

I've started a new project based on Keri Smith's 100 ideas.

Some days ago I was talking with my best friend and the feeling of wanting to do this took over me, so she sent me the list and I printed it.

Picking the right notebook wasn't as easy as I wanted: "One big ? No, because I would drop the project out of boredom". "One small ? No, too small" "What about this one ? Hmmmmm... not quite right". At the end I chose this one:

The way I wrote the letters and the colours makes me think about a cereal box :] (Yes, is a moleskine)

First entry is:

45. Draw the same project every day for a week.

I wanted to draw a spoon, just because I love spoons. Perhaps one day I'll have a tattoo of one, yes !

The cover of the book I made it with the new gel pens I have.

Aren't they sexy ? ;)

Stay tuned for the next entry...