May 24, 2010

Spoon #3

Three spoons and I haven't quit yet.

Today I decided to use the 3 colored pencil for making the 3rd (Oh! the cleverness in me). To make the drawing didn't take much time, about 20 mins or so. Seems that working with this kind or material makes artistic life easier and faster, still is a challenge trying to get the right colours and mix them.

Working this fast is great since is so hot in the room and I want to cry ;P

This wonderful pencil was a gift from my comrade Siddartha.Babbii, a great guy and amazing artist. Several persons have tried to steal it from me (the pencil, not Bejamin), but I manage no keep it away from them and use it when ever I please :]

Photos today are not the best because I don't have my camera right now :( so I had to take them with the phone's.

See you tomorrow, spoon :)

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