Feb 18, 2011


Two days ago I downloaded a new app for my iPhone, which is a video camera named "8mm".

I must say I'm in love with it, and on a wider view I'm in love with cinema, so here is my day. I hope you'll enjoy it :)

Feb 16, 2011

Take my blood away

Next week I have an appointment with the doctor and I went to run some tests. Is stupid but I'm very scared of needles. I say stupid because I'm not afraid of those that are used to make tattoos.

Silly or what ?

Feb 15, 2011

Drawing & painting

I've been working on my thesis, and seems like I have so much to do, a long, long way until is done. This gives me a feeling that maybe I can't finish it in a short time.

It's the first page, just the first.


Quisiera poder encontrar rutas más rápidas para poder trabajar la tesis, que a su vez me permitan hacer buenos trabajos y no a un "ahí se va". Pero es sólo una tesis. ¿Es sólo una tesis? ¿Qué tanto es perder hasta cierto punto el tiempo en algo que me dará un papel y ya? Podría evitarme todo y presentar una sistematización de la obra que ya tengo. Fin.