Sep 26, 2010


My sister came for the weekend with her boyfriend and mother in law, so we decided to take them to the museum. There we saw this Jan Hendrix exhibition.

Is not allowed to take photos, but I managed to do it, but I took just the pieces I liked the most.

This one was very nice, with the light and shadows playing. It is a metallic spiral and the light comes from inside (lights coming from above), projecting all those beautiful shadows on the walls and floor. I was thinking I'd love to have something similar in my room with my bed inside it ^^

The frames here had photos, pieces of wood, seeds, stones, feathers, etc. almost like a naturalist or someone telling his stories from travels and far away lands.

A closer view.

The other exhibition was about portraits from lates 1800 and earliest 1900 in México. I wish I could have better photos and more of them , but the guard was looking me in a not so friendly way :/

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