Feb 26, 2011

T-shirt and song

Some months ago I bought this T-shirt and wasn't really happy about it, still was very cheap. Well, now I decided to draw a nice character on it so I could feel nice to wear it, and not just so lame T.

While I was drawing it I was watching "Scott Pilgrim" movie.

Michael Cera... really ? Gosh :/


Después de comprar la camiseta, durante un tiempo estuvo dándome vueltas en la cabeza hacerle algo, lo que sea, al final este pequeño gato salió al quite.

Mientras dibujaba veía la peli de "Scott Pilgrim".


What the cat's saying it's a reference of a Julee Cruise song. Love it ^^

Lo que dice el gato es referencia a una canción de Julee Cruise "Rocking back inside my heart".


  1. I love it! Your work should be printed on tshirts professionally. Also, you are the queen of drawing expressive cats.

  2. oh i agree, you are the queen of drawing :) i love your t-shirt and would love to see more!

  3. Thank you so much !

    If one day I'll get an etsy account I'd surely sell some :)


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