Jan 11, 2011

In five minutes...

After one long night and part of the day I've managed to make this for the Art House Coop "The Sketch Book Projetc Tour: 2011"

I must admit is wonderful that I don't have to fill the whole cahier, specially since I got it by mail yesterday !!! :S (it's a long story, hehehe).

I show them here in no particular order.

(p.s. Oh, yes, my theme is "in five minutes...")


  1. Oh wow! All of your artwork looks AMAZING! I love the blush you have added to most of them...soooo cuuute!!!

  2. These are so good! You should scan them all and post them up as illustrations on their own! And I'm amazed you did this in less than two days :o :) I had a question though, you didn't have to finish the whole sketch book for the project? Did they just send you a smaller sketchbook for it or did they ask you to leave blank pages? I had thought to do it when they were still asking for artists, but it was daunting thinking of filling up an entire sketchbook in a short amount of time. :)


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