Sep 16, 2012

The boy in the pool.

Last night I dreamed I was at this resort. It had only one big swimming pool, with many people in it, children, parents having fun and a nice time. At this place I met with a woman. she was young, about 35-39 years old. Her hair was so black that made her skin look pale and bright (she kind of looked like Salma Hayek). When she stood next to me, I realized she was very short, shorter than me, considering I'm not too tall. She was wearing a black long dress; more than a dress it seemed like those dresses women wears in Saudi Arabian, when the sun stroke the dress, I could notice it had fine golden threads woven in the fabric. She never looked at me directly. I placed myself behind her, feeling how our energies became one. I could feel her inside me and knew for sure she could feel me inside her, thinking the same thoughts, being able to comunicate without talking.

She placed herself in front of the pool, observing it in silence. The owner of the place, a middle-aged man with plaid shirt approached to us in obvious anger. He told her she shouldn't be there, that his costumers was looking for a place to relax with their families and the less they needed was ti be disturbed. As he went on and one, I knew the woman wasn't paying attention to him. She raised her hand, silencing him. I noticed all the rings on her fingers, with stones of different colours, and on her wrist, many golden bracelets clinking every time she moved her arm. She reminded me of a gipsy.

I could feel her energy, strong and powerful, but wasn't the energy of a 30-something old woman, she was much older, a very old woman that was too young for her body. She had this scent, like an old book, or some clothes somebody long gone wore in the past, and the essence of this person remained as now part of the fabric.

She stood there in silence, with her hand raised, listening. She looked to her left and said "There". She moved, I followed, always so close, always protecting her. The woman looked to the pool, to an empty spot. I could see the water, it wasn't moving, just in the place she pointed out, despite there was people still inside the pool, not aware of what we were doing there. We walked a few more steps and then she stepped on the water, walking on it, never sinking. I knew I had to follow her, so I did, not sure if I would be able to do the same thing, thinking I would sink. But I didn't. We crossed the pool walking, and when we reached to the other side, she stood inside. I looked at her because I wasn't sure what was going on, why she wasn't moving. In a second she sank, all I could see was her hair floating in the water. I knelt, trying to reach for her, but was too deep. Something made me look ahead of me, to that place she pointed before. The water was now moving, and then I was a head coming up. I knew it wasn't the woman, she didn't moved from where she was. It was the boy, the dead boy we were supposed to take out of there, to cast him away.

He looked at me with his big black eyes, so cold I couldn't move. In my memory he had eyes, but deep inside I know he didn't, just black holes instead of them. He sank again, and all the people inside the pool started to leave it, they knew something was wrong. The water turned green with waterweed and mold. I could see the bo moving towards the women. It wasn't just him, there were other children moving inside, all of them dead too. I could hear the women's voice, she was chanting some spell, or some old ghost song. I waited and saw the first child reaching the surface. It was a girl. I took her hand and pulled her out. As soon as the sun hit her, her body started to shine and disintegrate, a calm showing on her face. One by one I pulled them out of the pool. They went away happy and in peace.

When the woman came to the surface, I helped her too. I asked about the boy, why he wasn't there, why he wasn't saved. She said it wasn't that easy, that he forgot who he was when he was alive, he even was't aware he was dead, so this leaved him very sand and angry. It would take a long time to help him, she said "not this time". She told me to go and I woke up.

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