Jun 21, 2010

Entry # 3 - My RCA Camcorder

This entry was about buying something inexpensive. Maybe now you're wondering "how in earth is a camera inexpensive ?" well, it was very cheap, for a digital video camera, of course.

I went with my family to a Coppel store and I was looking around when I saw it. Because of the price and how it looked like I thought this would have a low quality image, something I had in mind for the videoart thing I'm attending at school, so I asked my sister to lend me some money to buy it.

I can say that I'm so happy with it. Still have little things, though, I don't like so much:

-It needs batteries
- The editing program that has is pc only -why they don't think some of us use mac ? :/-

I don't care much about editing program since I'm learning how to use Adove PremierePro, but the battery thing... Maybe is because is been a while since last time I used an electric device that needs them.

Ok, so it wasn't as inexpensive as was said on the entry, but it sure is "a symbol for my need to create" or something like that ;)

This is the first video I made with it. Enjoy

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